Connect your FPGA-based system to an analogue TV!

This adapter allows the connection of your system to a CRT TV or a modern TV with analogue input. This allows the FPGA to provide the same video signal as the original system. The FPGA will skip all scan doublers and video scalers and produce just the pure video signal. That output will then be processed into a composite/S-Video signal using the best-in-class analogue video converter, the AD723 from Analog Devices.

To do in work on mister.ini put composite_sync=1. Disable SOG and power VGA connector, pin 9, to 5V (there is a jumper cap on official IO to do this). There is an issue with Commodore 1702 monitor that blinks signal, so don’t buy if you use that monitor.

You can use this adapter with:

  • MiSTer
  • ZXDOS+/gomaDOS+
  • neptUNO
  • μZX1


  • RCA composite video (yellow connector)
  • S-Video (through standard S-Video connector)