Connect your FPGA-based system to an analogue TV!

This is a cheap version of this adapter. Basically all the encoding work is done by the FPGA, so the circuit is a luma trap and a switch that mixes luma+chroma for composite. Normal cores won’t work with this adapter. So you need to load special cores created by Mike Simone to make it work.

To do in work on mister.ini put composite_sync=1. Disable SOG and power VGA connector, pin 9, to 5V (there is a jumper cap on official IO to do this). ¬†On the special core you need to put the S-Video enable to yes. The switch selects between PAL and NTSC. This adapter won’t work with HDMI->VGA encoders, so you need analog io.

The adapter is only compatible with:

  • MiSTer

Also remember you need special cores to do it work. The case is included. I have put some pictures with only the board to show the electronics, but the final product will be assembled with case.


  • RCA composite video (yellow connector)
  • S-Video (through standard S-Video connector)