This adapter brings jamma adapter to fit inside an arcade cabinet. Includes 60W audio amplifier (TDA7377). It’s compatible with MiSTer, PC and πCRT. Just connecting VGA and one cable to a USB port. In case of PC (or official MiSTer) you need to connect also a jack cable for audio and a gender changer to use a VGA cable.

It’s based on Atmega32u4 board. It allows 2 player from a single USB connection with low lag (0.74ms). The firmware can be upgraded from this repository.

This adapter has stereo amplifier with volume control to drive directly the speakers of your cabinet. If you want better video (RGB888) and sound (PCM5122) experience I recommend use with my MiSTers. The JAMMA connector has ENIG finish, gold finger 45 degree chamfer. USB cable only included in the cased version.

The spinner support option is compatible with generic optical encoders. I sell this one with the connector ready.

Video amplifier. Now the RGB signal has TTL levels based on THS7374 IC. Auto power. Now the JAMMA powers the MiSTer through VGA port. If use with official IO you need to put 5V jumper near VGA connector. The circuit includes same protection than de10 nano has internally.