This decapod is only for my MiSTer models (SLIM, DRIVE, MINI and PLUS) and has dual functionality. If you connect to DB9 port you have SNAC connection with zero lag. Also you can connect via USB to the MiSTer or to a PC. Never connect DB9 and USB at the same time. Based on daemonbite firmware, modified by GAsinPrieto and tested by Oskarz. Firmware can be upgraded fromĀ here.

All controller ports can be plugged in at the same time, but only the 2 ports selected by the top switches will work in tandem

It has mt32pi functionality in the bottom side. Just select SNES on the switches without SNES controller connected and put an OLED screen and a raspberry pi zero 2w on the connectors in the bottom side. Connect through DB9 port to the MiSTer with a mt32pi supported core. OLED screen included. Raspberry Pi not included.