This board is an improved version of official analog IO. The IO board includes a RGB888 R-2R DAC with VGA output, jack audio output (analog and optical), RTC, OLED screen, jack audio input (for tape loading), DB9 joystick, leds and push buttons.

The MiSTer is sold completely assembled, like in the pictures. SD is installed with update_all script so system is ready to go. It’s SNAC compatible with official cores, but if you want better support (OSD and non native cores) I recommend use this┬árepository:

Included on this package:

  • DE10 nano board (for HDMI output)
  • 112dB SNR audio DAC (PCM5122)
  • RGB888 video DAC
  • SDRAM 128MB
  • Jack audio input for tape loading
  • IO board (for VGA and Scart output)
  • 6mm heatsink and 40x40mm RGB LED FAN (Hydraulic)
  • Full acrylic case
  • USB hub with 7 ports (one internal)
  • Optional BT+wifi adapter on internal USB
  • Secondary microSD port
  • Second USER IO port
  • RTC with battery
  • OLED screen for display logo cores
  • DB9 joystick port, protected for SNAC
  • Meanwell 4A AC power supply. This allows devices as mechanical HDDs.
  • microSD card, 512GB with all installed (optional 1TB microSD)
  • SPDIF optical through 3.5mm connector
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Separate SOG switch
  • Size: 115x80x43mm. Weight: 283gr